Our Mission


We help you navigate and understand the accounting process supported by the paperwork, correspondence, contracts and documents.

At Accounting Matters, we provide you with the guidance you need to navigate through paperwork, correspondence, contracts and documents pertaining to the accounting function. We assist you in understanding the accounting process. If you are business owner, a person of management or an individual, you should know and understand how the accounting process works so to assure accurate financial reporting. We listen to you and your concerns and determine which reports are important for internal purposes, outside 3rd party knowledge and the tax filing process. Whether you are a business owner or individual or senior in need of accounting and bookkeeping services, we understand how intensely personal financial affairs are to the individual in charge of the process and how difficult it is to discuss this part of your business or personal life. When you hire Accounting Matters, you are hiring a CPA firm where ethics and confidentiality standards are part of the profession so you can trust that your affairs will be between you and the Firm.



Am I healthy in the financial sense? Am I financially better off now than I was 5 or 10 years ago?

Everyone, at some point in their lives wonders if they are healthy in the financial sense. In fact, many believe that reconciling their check books to the bank statements or paying their bills in a timely manner means they are financially healthy but they never truly feel they are financially better off now than they were 5 or 10 years ago. This can change if you are a business owner or individual/couple who is willing and able to do something about it by getting coached, act upon the need to change by following a structured plan of change and follow the plan on a routine basis. We are in the business of helping you come up with a plan of action, attacking the plan one piece at a time and consistently applying the knowledge you have acquired to future situations. We know the biggest challenges businesses and individuals encounter is performing accounting and bookkeeping functions every month, in a consistent and timely manner and as a result produce reports which are timely and relevant for making important financial decisions.



Gain confidence. Knowledge is powerful and provides you with the freedom to make educated decisions.

When you open yourself up to allowing our CPA firm Accounting Matters to guide you and assist you in achieving financial health, you will have freedom. Freedom to make educated decisions, freedom to spend time with friends and family and freedom from worry because accurate and complete information is generated on a consistent basis in a timely manner for investors, bankers, bonding agents, tax reporting agencies and your loved ones.