Retreat June 2015 Cape Cod

Bass River Beauty South Yarmouth Cape Cod
Bass River Beauty South Yarmouth Cape Cod

Come to an amazing weekend getaway retreat on Cape Cod in the beautiful month of June.

This is for those who want to change their outlook on life and their physical and mental well being.

Do you need or desire any of the following:

  1. To watch your vitals and learn real changes for preventative life such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and/or thyroid activity for fear that you are susceptible to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and/or thyroid disease.
  2. To wake up every day (not just some days) feeling happy and positive about the future.
  3. To have stamina to work a full 8 hour day without feeling tired and lethargic at midday.
  4. To feel confident physically and mentally so you can deal with the stresses that come with everyday life.
  5. To look in the mirror and like what you see.
  6. To feel confident about your physical abilities and not feel winded when golfing, biking, lifting & carrying groceries, walking with friends or up and down stairs, carrying a baby/child, kneeling on the floor playing with your child, grandchild or pet.
  7. To eliminate your fear of physical injury as you age and feel you have the ability to bounce back from an injury or illness.
  8. To feel and look healthy so you can look forward to having a sexual relationship, do you want your inner sex goddess or sex god to come out?


These are just some of the things my husband and I needed and desired. We are attending this retreat because we know it will help us continue to learn more about ourselves. We have learned how to stop following the masses who are sedentary and unhappy about their overall health.  We want to continue to learn about what we can do and rid ourselves of the words “I can’t.”  I have never kayaked (not really a great swimmer, but life jacket and whistle are included) and we both started to bike again for pleasure and exercise this past summer.  No more excuses, we had a pocket full of them before and emptied those pockets this past year.

We have been learning how to eat right when dining out together or with friends and how to maintain proper nutrition on a daily/weekly basis. Our local nutrition and fitness club co-owners understand and know how to deal with personal challenges and the psychological reasons why we eat the bacon burger, fries and cheesecake at our local franchise restaurant.

We have trusted our local nutrition and fitness club to help us and are so excited that the co -owners Mike LoColle and Kelly LaCasse have decided to put together a 2 day weekend getaway retreat in mid June to help people learn how to be successful, as they have taught us. They created this retreat with the understanding that some of us have never kayaked (and are a little scared about it) and/ or have not biked in many years or ever ( and unsure we have the ability or the stamina).

This 2 day weekend is meant to challenge our minds and help us look inward so we can look forward to the future. We are looking forward to  leaving this weekend with a feeling of friendship and comradery since we all shared eating and having fun together on the beautiful Bass River, Cape Cod.

To learn more about this awesome weekend getaway that is going to be packed with fun, food and activities, go to

Twitter go to #capecodretreat.

Of course, you can always call Mike or Kelly directly at Club Inhale Exhale for more information.

They can be contacted at 1-888-707-1102
Matt and I look forward to seeing you there. This will be an unforgettable weekend!!!

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