Business Owners

Business Owners


We are qualified and trained to provide the support and assistance to your in-house accounting staff, as required.
This service is a vital part of the monthly, quarterly and year end closing process to assure your business has generated reports that are useful and necessary.

  • Close the General Ledger on routine basis
  • Reconcile accounts to in house analysis and supporting documentation and outside sources of documentation
  • Guidance, support and training provided to in house bookkeeping and accounting staff
  • Compliance assistance with accounting policies and procedures
  • Prepare Internal Financial Reports for management
  • Prepare Compilation Reports for third-party use (Banks, Investors, Bonding)
  • Budget preparation assistance
  • Analysis and schedules for year end tax and/ or financial statement engagements, provide the analysis to outside auditors
  • Human resource assistance and liason to outsourced payroll service
  • Cash flow analysis



We are qualified and trained to provide the services that are designed to meet the needs of the small business owner who wants to focus more on growing the business rather than daily/weekly/monthly bookkeeping and accounting tasks. We also provide these services to those individuals who have the need to know their personal situation on a regular basis.

  • Set up and maintain accounting on QuickBooks or client’s choice of accounting software
  • Record checkbook activity
  • Reconcile bank statements to checkbook activity
  • Record payroll transactions from outsourced payroll service data
  • Record accounts receivable from customers
  • Record accounts payable to vendors
  • Record credit card activity
  • Reconcile Balance Sheet and selected Expense Accounts to workpapers and supporting documents