Stephanie Parker, Principal

Professional Background

Stephanie has private corporate sector and public accounting experience. She worked as a staff accountant for two (2) years for a large division of BASF in the corporate environment soon to realize that working and interacting with the public was one of her strongest skills and interacting with various types of clients and companies was something she knew was exciting and challenging. Working with the public and on various clients, industries and projects was how her passion led her to the field of Public Accounting where she pursued her certification.

Prior to establishing the CPA firm Accounting Matters, she was a Principal and Manager at two Massachusetts CPA Firms.  She specialized in managing small to medium sized business clients at both firms.  She created and implemented numerous internal systems and procedures at both CPA Firms. As a result, both firms experienced an increase in efficiency and were able to work with many local colleges and universities by recruiting staff accountants from those colleges and universities.

Her accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, auditing, staff management, human resource and administrative knowledge can be attributed to her vast experiences working with the public in the CPA firms. Her problem solving skills are combined with a vast array of industry experience including but not limited to construction and related industries, professional services, consulting services, start up businesses, non-profit organizations, retail/wholesale, insurance, mortgage broker, elder care services, moving & storage services, residential and commercial rental real estate, and art/design services.

Stephanie enjoys helping her clients understand their finances and passing on her knowledge so the client can navigate and interpret their financial information and reports. She obtained her masters degree in financial planning so she can assist her clients in navigating the worlds of investments, insurance and estate planning, which tend to be mysterious and overwhelming for many people who do not have backgrounds in finance and accounting.